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Oikos Global Award

Posted in: Oikos Global Award, Oikos Global Award
Feb 27, 2008 - 5:19:38 PM

Oikos Global, maker of emotional and social skills games and personal development products, announces an international competition for kids. The Oikos Global Award - Lourdes Gregorio Rayel Outstanding Youth Award aims to recognize children and youths who have made a difference in the lives of their peers.

This annual and international competition honors and recognizes kids and youths who have helped their peers: deal with bullies; prevent the use of street drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol; improve communication among peers; establish a support network; or reduce violence in their school and community.

The criteria are stringent and the competition invites participants from all over the world. A committee consisting of professionals from various fields serves as impartial judge. Individuals or organizations can participate in the competition.

The award consists of the following: CAN$500.00 and a certificate.

Award Criteria:

   1. The project should have a positive outcome and significant impact

   2. The project should have a long-term focus and should be existent for at least six months

   3. The project should do any of the following:

·       Reduce violence or bullying in school or community

·       Prevent the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and alcohol among peers

·       Help kids learn coping skills, anger and stress management, and assertiveness

·       Improve communication among peers

·       Establish and provide support network

·       Help reduce the stigma of mental illness through health awareness

·       And other initiatives that can improve the emotional health and well-being of individuals

   4. Individual nominee should be 19 years old and below (at the time of nomination) and organization nominee should be community or school-based and its founders, major proponents, leaders, and majority of membership should be 19 years old and below (at the time of nomination).

   5. Each candidate should be nominated and seconded by at least four individuals: two seconders should be from any of the following - educators, school officials and staffs, community leaders, local government officials and staffs, and health care providers; the next two seconders should be coming from peers who have benefited from the candidates’ project.

Award Guidelines:

   1. Nominations require nominators and seconders.

   2. Nominees and their projects should meet the Award criteria.

   3. Nominees should not receive funding from any government agencies and the project should not be part of any school curriculum.

   4. Nominations are kept confidential.

   5. Nominators cannot nominate themselves or their own organizations.

   6. Nominators should not be spouses or immediate family members of the nominees.

   7. All nominations are reviewed by Oikos Global Award Committee (OGAC) and OGAC has the sole prerogative to choose and declare the winner. Its decision is final and no appeals will be entertained.

   8. OGAC has the prerogative to verify submitted information through its members or through independent parties.

   9. OGAC has the discretion to interview nominators, seconders, nominees, and other parties who may have relevant information about the nominees and their projects.

  10. OGAC has the prerogative to require nominators, seconders, and nominees to submit additional information if deemed necessary.

  11. Completed nomination form and other requirements should be submitted in English and should be received by January 31, 2009:

Dr. Gayzelle A. Meneses-Rayel
Oikos Global
79 Cormack Drive
Clarenville, NL A5A1E2

  12. All materials submitted to OGAC will remain a property of the committee and cannot be returned.

  13. To be eligible for the award, the project should be active during the award's night.

Award Requirements:

The nominator should submit 5 copies of each of the following:

    * Completed nomination form

    * Letter of nomination (limited to one page, single-spaced, standard bond paper)

    * Letters of support from the seconders (limited to one page, single-spaced, standard bond paper)

    * Description of the project (limited to one page, single-spaced, standard bond paper)

    * If applicable, additional materials in support of the nomination (media stories, awards, testimonials, etc.)

For details about the contest and application, please check this website or contact info@oikosglobal.com.


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