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Review: A 31-Day Positive Affirmations for Kids and Teens

Posted in: Awards and Reviews, Awards and Reviews
Mar 17, 2008 - 1:10:05 PM

"What you think about all the time and what you constantly tell yourself can determine what you will become. With a positive attitude you will become a positive success." ~Dr. Michael Rayel

The messages on the beautifully designed 6 X 9-inch poster-style flash cards present a moment of enlightened awareness for children and adults. These cards would be a beautiful addition to any bulletin board, to put up at the office or even on the refrigerator. They are fun to rotate so you continue to keep your thoughts flowing in positive directions. Some of the cards say:

I consider difficulties and challenges as opportunities to grow.
I show empathy to everyone.
I improve my skills every day.
I am successful.
I am an achiever.
I look at the big picture.

Each card has different fonts and appealing colors in the background pictures. On the back of the card stating: "I am determined to improve myself daily," we also find a paragraph detailing how you can improve yourself. These cards not only present brilliant affirmations, they give a direct path to realistic actions you can take so the ideas form your reality.

"I love to practice and use my talents and skills. The books I read help me learn new things. The shows and movies I watch help me to be a better person...I use my common sense every day. I think of ways to make things better or do things faster. I spend time with people who can help me be a better person." A question then follows each paragraph.

If you find this packet of cards to be helpful, you may also enjoy the box of "31 Success Cards."

~The Rebecca Review
Top 10 Reviewer, Amazon.com

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