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Oikos Game Wins 2007 Platinum Award

Posted in: News and Events, Awards and Reviews
Mar 19, 2008 - 9:14:22 AM

Clarenville, NL – Oikos Game wins the prestigious 2007 Platinum Award. Serena Phillips of The Family Review Magazine & Review Center, a Washington-based organization, explains that the Platinum Award is a mark of distinction, being given only to the highest of quality products reviewed at the Review Center.

Family Review Magazine reviews products for companies worldwide and is a leader in quality, family friendly reviews. Serena states, “Oikos, by Oikos Global [oikosglobal.com] brings to the family game table a tool for helping parents and children talk openly about subjects that are sometimes hard to approach, without such a help.”

She further adds, “Parents are always looking for a way to speak to their children about the pressures they face at school and the many challenges that come in life, yet they struggle to find a good way to help their children open up and truly share honestly. Oikos achieves this by setting the stage for a non-confrontational format for all to share openly, and allows parents to be one step ahead in the parenting game.”

Indeed, Oikos Game is an “emotional intelligence” game that aims to teach kids personal development and emotional skills such as being assertive, problem solving, showing empathy, and dealing with bullies, while having fun in the process. Dr. Gayzelle Meneses-Rayel, co-founder of Oikos Global says that aside from being fun, Oikos Game also encourages kids to read and do simple math during play.

“The Oikos Game is not only enriching to the family circle, it is fun! This is mission critical if we are to use it to its full potential. The makers of this game used great forethought in making an inspiring, enriching and provoking game. We give them 5 up for mission accomplished!” says Serena. To read her full review, visit www.familyreview.org/awards/index.html and http://www.familyreview.org/reviews/games/index6.html#78

Dr. Michael Rayel, a psychiatrist and inventor of Oikos Game, is proud of this accomplishment. “It’s an honor to win this prestigious award. I strongly believe that this game is a must for families,” says Dr. Rayel, also the CEO of Oikos Global.

Oikos Global is the maker of emotional intelligence games: The Oikos Game Series and The CEO. Other fun and quality products from Oikos Global include Wordigy, Fikloo, Actus Tale, and A 31-Day Series for Kids and Teens.  Oikos Global also honors youths who make a difference in the lives of their peers through Oikos Global Award. Individuals or organizations can participate in the contest. The application deadline is December 31, 2007. For more information, please visit www.oikosglobal.com/ 


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