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Psychiatrist’s Game Inventions Win Creative Child Awards

Posted in: News and Events, Awards and Reviews, News and Events, Awards and Reviews
Jul 24, 2008 - 9:41:43 PM

Clarenville, July 27, 2008 – Actus Tale and Wordigy Jr. have recently been awarded the 2008 Creative Child Awards by Creative Child Magazine, a Nevada-based publication.

Actus Tale has received the 2008 Preferred Choice Award (Interactive Family Games category) while Wordigy Jr. has won the 2008 Seal of Excellence Award (Interactive Family Games category). A panel of over 50 moms and educators played and reviewed many games last May at Henderson Convention Center in Nevada, USA. This Creative Child Magazine’s awards program is a yearly event where all games submitted are reviewed by the very people who purchase them. And only the best games receive awards.

“We just submitted our games hoping to get some feedback from game testers. Receiving these prestigious awards is totally unexpected. We’re very happy and we’ll take these awards any time,” says Dr. Michael Rayel, a Canadian-based psychiatrist and inventor of these two games.

Last year, Actus Tale was also named as Washington Post’s Top Pick for 2007. It’s a fun card game created to help players recognize and express emotions in a safe and comfortable setting. Wordigy Jr., a challenging word game, is the junior version of the original Wordigy that received the 2006 Adding Wisdom award.

Both games are made of cards so families can bring the fun to parties, camps, family gatherings, class reunions or get-togethers, and church activities.

Dr. Rayel’s other game inventions such as Fikloo and Oikos Game Series also won prestigious awards. Through Oikos Global, Dr. Rayel’s innovative games have been sold online to the public since 2005.

Oikos Global, a Canadian-based business and co-founded by Dr. Rayel, is the maker of emotional and social skills games and personal development products. Its award-winning products include the Oikos Game Series, A 31-Day Series, Wordigy and Wordigy Jr., Actus Tale, and Fikloo.

As a socially responsible organization, Oikos Global offers two annual events. Oikos Global Award honors youths who make a difference in the lives of their peers. Individuals or organizations can participate in the contest and the application deadline is on January 31, 2009. In addition, Wordigy Challenge, a provincial word competition, is also held yearly to develop love of words among kids. For more information, please visit www.oikosglobal.com/


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